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Learn how business owners all over the Boston Area use SMS text message marketing campaigns to quickly & effectively impress customers with customized connections, timely promotions, or even appointment alerts.  Please check out our Protexting Reviews to learn more about sms marketing services.  Sign up for our FREE text message marketing video training series today, and learn how an integrated mobile marketing platform can add zeroes to your bottom line effective immediately!

Statistics prove beyond doubt that mobile marketing can be remarkably effective.  The average text message is opened and read within only 4 minutes of the mobile user’s receipt of the message!  Bulk SMS text message marketing will allow you to move the mob in your direction when you really need them with a personalized experience in tact at the very tips of their fingers.  To help small businesses capitalize on mobile marketing’s successes, we’ve designed a FREE mobile marketing video training series to teach you how to get started with your own bulk SMS text message promotional campaign to target your best Boston, MA customer base.

 How Boston Businesses Use SMS Marketing:

  • Golf Course Managers use on-the-fly text message promos to fill tee times after cancellations.
  • Churches & Non-Profit Organizations keep their members in the know with timely event reminders.
  • Restaurants use SMS text message marketing to confirm diners’ reservations.
  • Political Campaign Managers keep their finger on the pulse of the voting populous during election years.

Every organization should have a well-developed mobile marketing platform.  The right mobile marketing tools, software, and developers can inexpensively drive a consistently high return on investment when coupled with the right mobile marketing campaign planning.  We’ll show you how to get started.  Sign up now for our FREE Mobile Marketing Video Training Series and get text message campaign platform planning started today!

Your FREE SMS Marketing Video Training Includes Education To Help You:

  • Making your text message marketing a smashing success 
  • How to build your text message subscriber list
  • Reducing cost with mobile marketing software
  • Building an SMS Marketing Platform inexpensively


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